11 Days to go…

11 Days!!! That’s an age when you’re waiting for something exciting. Oh Well

Whilst we wait to collect the motorhome, I’m scratching my head, thinking about refillable LPG systems, MiFi, solar panels and all the other things one might need, or just want.

Time for a break from that. Let’s go through our motorhome spec.

It’s based on a 2005 Fiat Ducato with the 2.8 JTD engine. We were expecting to get an older model, but really wanted the 2.8 litre engine, so that’s great, plenty of power.

Just over 40,000 miles. That should be nothing on one of these.

At 6.5m long and 3.1m high it’s going to take Lisa a while to get used to (I don’t drive!) but it’s not as much of a beast as some we looked at. It’s worth checking the back of your driving license to see what vehicles you can drive.

Electric windows, alloy wheels, discs all round, air con. Man! This is better than any car we’ve had! We weren’t expecting alloys, but rear discs are welcome, and as long as the air con works well – it’s expensive to repair – then that’s a bonus too.

Some models can suffer corrosion from a leaky windscreen drain pipe, but not on this model.  Read this great article if you’re choosing a secondhand Fiat / Peugeot


We were after an L shaped end lounge, but this is U shaped – close enough. Having enough room to sleep comfortably is important. I’m just over 6ft tall, so trying the bed was important. Converting the lounge to a bed was fine. Let’s not talk about the over-cab bed.

The kitchen has a cooker with 4 rings, grill and oven. We love cooking so this was essential, although hopefully we can do plenty of cooking al-fresco on the fire or BBQ. The sink has a drainer, lots don’t.

We also wanted a full width freezer drawer. Tick

As we plan on going off grid, being self sufficient is important. I assumed all water heating systems were gas, but no, not always. Luckily ours is gas or mains electric.

There are no solar panels on the van. That’s something I’ll look into.

The decor… It’s really not that bad. Most motorhomes manufactured in the period we were looking to buy seem to have fabric like I haven’t seen since the 1991 Argos catalogue. Or worse!

Also fitted was an alarm and reversing camera. This will lower the cost of insurance.





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