Sharpest Tool in the Box

Any chef knows it’s important to have sharp knives in the kitchen. They work better and are safer. Until now I’ve been using the Spyderco Sharpmaker 204MF Tri-Angle Sharp Maker Knife and Tool Sharpener. Yeah, it’s a mouthful!


It will sharpen pretty much anything, anything, but after countless passes of the knife, 100’s for each, and the bother of cleaning the stones afterwards, I’ve tired of using it. It does what is says on the tin, but I just want my knives sharpened. I’m older, not as fit as I used to be – okay it’s not that bad. But it’s time to find something more user friendly.

My friend recommended his cheap sharpener. It’s from Maplin, alarm bells were already ringing. Anyway, I didn’t want to convert all my knives to serrated blades.

There a lots out there, fancy electric ones, no thank you. Cheap tear your knife apart ones, no way. And a plethora of ones that looked okay, but which is the best?

After speaking to staff in various shops, the one that came most recommended was the MinoSharp SH550/BR.


I’m pleased to say this also does what it says on the tin. It sharpens knives with just a few passes and will happily restore those blunt blades you have. Yes, you probably have, admit it!

There is a cheaper model with 2 wheels, but you only buy these things once – okay it’s my second sharpener – so buy one that works and lasts. Spare wheels are also available.



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