Save on Food Shopping


I reduced my food shopping bill by 25%!

Yes, really. But how? Planning and a little restraint.

You do need to put some effort in and I can’t guarantee you’ll save 25%, but I bet you will save something.

The planning is two-fold. Your meals for a few days ahead and what you’ll buy on each shopping trip.

If you shop once a week, for example, plan your meals for the week and try to use any perishable ingredients you have, veg etc. Check the freezer for anything than needs using up. This also leaves room for reduced items you can buy cheap and freeze.

When you go shopping stick to your list. Simple? – not always! So think ahead. Will you want that treat that’s not on the list? If so, put it on the list. It’s important to stick to your list as once you start to buy more than you need it’s easy to carry on. Stick to the list!

It’s also handy to budget. At first just start noting down what you spend each week. Add up all the extras, the little things you buy here and there. It soon adds up. Then try and lower your bill, this is what got me saving. If you drink alcohol, note what you spend. This can be a good incentive to drink less and save.

I can be a nerd, so now I have a spreadsheet to track my spending, but pen and paper will work just fine!

My Top Tips

Plan ahead.

Stick to your budget – or beat it!

Check out the reduced section. The food here should be fine.  I’m a food snob but most of the meat I eat will be reduced. Freeze the meat / fish – veg will often last longer, days longer.

If there is an offer on something you buy regularly, check the offer label carefully for the date the offer ends. Sometimes it’s written backwards. 31st January 2017 might be 170131. I do tend to go a bit crazy when there’s a good offer. 2 days ago I reaslised I have enough ground coffee to last me 6 months!

Washing liquids, toilet roll, kitchen towel… these are all regularly on offer. Just buy them when there’s a deal.

Shop around. Discount stores and no-frills supermarkets are becoming more common, give them a go if you haven’t already. Some stuff is just as good, but a lot cheaper. Some stuff I wouldn’t buy again! I wouldn’t expect to be able to complete a weekly shop, but shop here first and then top up at your usual store. It’s also worth mentioning that not everything is cheaper, so do keep a check on the prices, pack sizes etc.

Compare the price per kilo. It’s surprising how many people don’t do this. Supermarkets have this information on the price label.

Don’t just use supermarkets. Many smaller local stores can have good deals, too.

What’s your top tip? Leave a comment…



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