Third Time Lucky

Today we went to Tunbridge Wells on the Kent / East Sussex border. We arrived at 11.30am, hungry. But it was fine, we knew a great place for a late breakfast. After stopping in a few shops we rounded the corner, opened the door and walked into… er… A gin bar?!?

It would appear the only nourishment available would be a slice of lemon or cucumber.

After some head shaking, a few more shops whilst we considered our options and a tap on our phones we remembered a great tapas place. Brilliant. We’d been last year and really enjoyed the food and it was reasonably priced. So off we trotted.

They may well have needed to urgently refurbish, but that is not going to satisfy my hunger or do my temper any good.

By now we were beginning to think the Gods were against us. And it was now raining.

Luckily we had an ace up our sleeves. Please let it be open! Please let there be room for 2!

Yes!!! Up the hill to Thackerays.


We’ve been before. It was more expensive. Fine dining. But hey, we were sure it would be good. It was. I could fill this sentence with superlatives, but instead I shall just say that if you like the look of the menu and you think you’ll enjoy it, you will. And the service is excellent, too.

Below are a couple of shops we liked, on a foodie theme.

Fromage & French – Where we bought some cheese. Other French delights are available.

Chegworth Farm Shop – Where we bought more cheese! There is also veg, cured meats etc.



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