Freeze chilies / cheese / ginger / basil

Most of us have a freezer. Most of them are probably full of leftovers or food that was getting near its use by date, but there’s plenty of ingredients that freeze well.


Here’s 4 ingredients I freeze and a recipe.

Have you ever grated fresh ginger? It’s a pain! I once bought a kilo of ginger for not very much money, it keeps well but I decided to freeze some. It was when I went to grate it from frozen I realised how much easier it was. Slicing wasn’t easy! And it goes mushy as it defrosts, so stick to grating.

My local supermarket quite often has Parmesan cheese reduced. It will last in the fridge for some time past its use by date, or grate it into 50 gram portions and freeze it.

There’s a great Asian store near me that sells chilies ridiculously cheap for a pack. There’s always way more than I need and they used to end up going off. Now I freeze them. Make sure you chop them, if needed, whilst frozen, it’s easier.

Basil won’t freeze well, but made into pesto it’s a great way to use up leftovers or, ahem, those 8 reduced price packets you’ve just bought. If you haven’t made your own pesto, do it now! It has flavour! You won’t go back to the jar, especially if you have some ready in the fridge or freezer. Follow this recipe, it’s so easy.
Toast 1 tbsp of pine nuts.
Put 50g of basil leaves into a small blender / mini chopper, or pestle and mortar if you want to do it properly!
Add 1 clove of chopped garlic
Add a small pinch of rock salt
Add the pine nuts
Whizz / pound until you have a course mix – think rustic!
Stir in 30g of grated Parmesan – veggie stuff works well, also
Stir in 6 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
Stir… Taste… YUM!!!

Quantities can be adjusted to taste, but too much garlic will make it bitter.


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