31 Days to go…

And while this is very exciting there is still a mountain of stuff for us to organise. We’ve just got off the phone to various companies, informing them we’re going away. The call to Three was particularly painful, all I wanted to do was end my contract. I ended up passing the phone to Lisa, the only thing I wanted to end was my life!

There’s lots to do on the motorhome. We’ve decided to go with a Gaslow refillable LPG system, that’s being fitted next Thursday along with a Fiamma bike rack. In the mean time we have a few niggles to sort out – We can’t get the water heater and fridge working on gas, the fan on the heater doesn’t work and there’s a ceiling light that’s dead. All stuff we really should have checked before we left the dealer last week, so it’s back to them on Wednesday to get that looked at.

I keep looking at the roof and thinking about cleaning it. Maybe I’ll keep thinking and wait until we’re in southern Spain and it’s warm!


On the plus side we’ve had out first night away and loved it and will be away for another 3 nights next week. We want to spend more time in the motorhome, get to know it inside out before we leave for Europe and iron out any other problems we discover. I’ve also successfully managed to convert one of the ceiling lights to LED. I’ll show you how I’ve done that in an upcoming post.

I’m now going to check and amend the list of things to do. A tip here if you’re planning a similar trip – also write a list of things you’ve done, it helps boost morale!


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