The list is getting smaller.

Typing this on a wet and windy morning, with an early start for work, I’m quite glad it’s less than three weeks until we go.


Yesterday was the first day where we both felt we we’re getting towards completing the list of things to do. Making it smaller rather than bigger! It’s surprising the amount of organisation that’s needed to go away for a few (okay, 8) months, especially considering we didn’t even decide to go until last month.

We knew nothing about motorhomes so there was the time spent researching that before we could actually buy one, but we did of course want to buy one with enough time to ‘run it in’ before we go away. We are really glad we’ve done this considering the teething problems we’re having. And they are still not resolved, so fingers crossed on that one.

Then there’s working out what we do with the flat while we’re away, switching the mortgage to a better deal, cancelling contracts for phones, utilities etc.

We’re now at the stage where we can start organising the motorhome, making decisions on where everything will go, especially in the kitchen area. We love cooking so that’s very important. We’ll be measuring bottles of fish sauce, counting the number of jars of spice and hoping it all fits.

So although the list is smaller, there are still lots of decisions to be made. On top of that we still have family and friends to see, a solar panel to fit, new tyres to go on, bikes to service, another trip to Essex and I’m still working 2 or 3 days a week. We’d best crack on…


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