Losing Weight

If you’re thinking of going off in a motorhome it’s worth considering the weight of stuff (the payload) you can carry. I knew this was important but I’d only really thought about how much cheese and wine we could bring back with us!
Being sensible, well mostly, we decided it was a good idea to get the motorhome weighed before we go. Hence the pile of jars, we’ll save a good few kilos by bagging up our spices. Yes we really are taking that many, and a few more, actually!


Do we really need to take these?

Luckily there’s a weighbridge nearby, and with just us, fuel and our bikes there would be 270kg spare. Plenty I thought, but I’d best check. So out came the scales, and apart from the duvet, pretty much everything we are taking has been weighed and the details put into a spreadsheet. I soon realised that with half a tank of water (which we wouldn’t usually carry, but might need on occasion) we were getting close to the payload limit for our motorhome so it was time to start looking at where we could save some weight.

I love reading whilst on holiday, but in the format of paper books, not from a Kindle or iPad, so my pile of books is still coming. And we want to be able to relax with hobbies, so the sewing machine and everything I need for making model kits is coming. But there are savings to be made with clothes as we can always take less – and fortunately for everyone else neither of us are naturists!!

We always travel light but still manage to take more than we need, so we’ll be more realistic about what we will use. Our kitchen equipment weighs a fair but we don’t want to compromise when cooking. We soon realised we could save weight by bagging up our spices, saving us 6kg. We have ditched the colander and plan on using the steamer instead saving us another 0.5kg. We are also replacing some of our heavier (Le Creuset) pans for light weight non stick pans, that will save a ton!

Little savings here and there soon add up so we should still be able to bring back some cheese and wine on the way back.


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