No More Baths :-(

Being away from home and living in a small space there’s bound to be some sacrifices to be made. So what will I miss the most?

My laptop and limitless internet. I must confess that I spend a lot of time on the internet. I love it, it’s a giant library with endless resources. Don’t for a minute think that I’ll be going cold turkey, no way, I’ll be taking a tablet and a mi-fi device. But the tablet is not quite as convenient, especially for typing, and when you have to pay for the data used then you really start to think about cutting down on internet usage.

BBC iPlayer. This isn’t available abroad and I don’t really want to start using gigabytes of data watching TV. It’s mostly documentaries that I watch, I’ll just have to go without. The upside is that I’ll read more books.

A bath. This probably tops the list. I love a nice hot, deep, bubbly bath! That really isn’t going to happen in a motorhome! It won’t help that I don’t particularly like showers, I’ll just have to hope I get caught out in heavy rain occasionally!

Plants. We don’t have lots at home, but a few and we enjoy them. We did discuss bringing some with us, but it will be a pain. We might try growing a few herbs though. At least they will be useful!

Space in the kitchen. We don’t have the biggest kitchen at home, but it’s much bigger than the one in the motorhome. It won’t be so bad when we are somewhere hot (most of the time, hopefully) as we can spill out side and do some cooking on the BBQ.

A washing machine. Even though I only found ours recently (Lisa still doesn’t believe that I never knew what that thing in the kitchen was) it will be missed. It’ll be hand washing and occasional trips to the laundrette, or more likely, shirts worn for days on end! Bring on that heavy rain again!

There’s bound to be other things I’ll miss, but there will be plenty of fun things that I wouldn’t be doing if I was at home!


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