1 Week To Go!

Are we excited? Actually, we’re too busy to be excited. And, to be honest, a bit stressed. 8 months in a motorhome, it’s going to be great fun, but the amount of preparation, organisation and odd spanners in the works is certainly being felt by both of us.

I’ve still got the solar panel to fit. It shouldn’t be too hard, but it’s a bit scary drilling a hole through something you’ve just spent thousands of pounds on.


The things we are taking are slowly being transferred to the motorhome, things we won’t need packed away and we’re having fun trying to use up all the food in our freezer.

In the last week we’ve finally got (most) of the problems with the motorhome sorted. In the end it took 3 trips back to the dealer.

The problems were:

Near side wing mirror not working
Fridge not working on gas
Fridge not working on 12 volt
Heater not working on gas (it soon worked when I replaced the battery for the igniter)
Heater fan system not working
Water heater not working on gas
Toilet flush not working

These are all now fixed, although we were a bit alarmed to get back home last Thursday after all this work had just been completed, to find 3 metres of new cable dangling underneath the vehicle. Arrrgghhh! Excuses were made that it had not been cable tied up, and someone came down a few days later to put this right and test all was okay. But it doesn’t do much for one’s confidence with the other work that was done! After having all these problems we are wondering how well the habitation check was done, despite everything on the certificate having lots of big ticks.

Anyway, hopefully those problems are behind us. We just need to sort the final problem which is to get the air con working. We were never convinced that it worked as the normal cold air setting was colder than the air con. The dealer gave us money to fix the air con, and to save us another trip were advised to go locally to a Halfords Autocentre to get the system re-gassed. Nothing is ever straight forwards though. The dye test confirmed the system has a leaky valve. We’re currently waiting for a quote so we can approach the dealer and try to get this sorted.

Hind sight is a wonderful thing, hence we offer some good advice. When buying a motorhome test everything as much as you can before parting with your cash. Our first trip to the dealer left such a good impression that when we collected the motorhome after the habitation service we got very excited and took the dealers word that everything was working. We could have saved a whole lot of stress and trips around the M25 trying to resolve these issues, which would have left us more time to get other things sorted.

I’m now off to drill that hole. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “1 Week To Go!

  1. Well you both seem to have been very busy. It’ll all be history soon and you’ll look back and laugh. Hope you have a fantastic time i’ll be awaiting each new episode with bated breath. All agog even
    Have a wonderful trip. Gerry


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