Finally, we are excited!


After several weeks of planning, mayhem and stress we are finally sitting in an empty flat ready to go on our trip.
We knew this day would come, but didn’t expect it to take so long. Everyday has been filled with little jobs, things to do, making lists, re-writing lists, etc, etc, and more etc!
Everything seems to be working on the motorhome. We were a bit worried that once again the fridge wasn’t working on gas, but with a jiggle of a cable at the back it started to work just fine.
We’ve also had some head scratching trying to get all our music and other computer files on to the tablet we are taking. It was a simple task in theory, but with a Mac, a PC, an iPhone and an Android tablet involved, I should have known there would be problems.
We bought the road atlas for Europe last month, but it’s only now we’ve properly had time to have a look at the route for the first few days and actually look forward to what we are about to do rather than focusing on what was a massive amount of organisation and preparation.
We still have a few jobs to do tomorrow, but once they are done we are off, well, to Newhaven at least – the start of our journey.