We started early!

With one day to go we decided to start early. As the flat was empty and the motorhome full we decided to start our journey this evening!
First stop was to say goodbye to mum, Dave and Chloe.

Then off to say goodbye to Jane, Katie and Amy…

Katie and Amy gave the motorhome a rigorous test for durability. I never knew the passenger seat reclined so far and that the wardrobe would survive a six year old playing hide and seek!

With everything back in place we headed off for somewhere to park for the night. We liked the idea of staying on the seafront at Seaford but got put off by all the ‘no parking for motorhomes’ signs. It would probably be okay but the last thing we wanted on the first night was to be moved on. It was a quick drive back to Newhaven, where, after a drive around, I spotted a few lorries parked up and we went to investigate. We have found a quiet spot next to a 35 foot Winnebago, the owner assuring us that it was fine to overnight here.
Dinner has now been cooked and eaten. A bottle of wine drunk. And with Lisa drifting off beside me its time for bed – we’re off to France tomorrow!


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