End of the First Week

I cant believe we’ve been in France for a week already. Usually at this point in a holiday it would be time to think about turning around and heading back towards home, I’m so glad we don’t have to, our wheels are our home.

We’ve crammed a lot in to the last few days. Lots of cycling. We both love cycling but haven’t done very much over the last year so it’s been great to get on the bikes; we’ve already clocked up 80 miles so far. Most of the cycling has been on paths, but when on the roads it was never too busy. We’ve also cycled through some forest tracks, the ones around Biscarrosse and Messanges being particularly fun, especially when the soil turned to deep sand!

We’ve now stayed at 4 different places. We left the aire at Coulon on Saturday and drove down to Biscarrosse to find a great stopover in the forest which was only short walk from the beach. It wasn’t too busy, but I can imagine the place would be heaving in the peak season. It’s 8 euros per night including water, no electricity, but that’s fine, we have the solar panel to keep the battery topped up. Tonight we’re staying in a car park by the beach in Messanges. There are no facilites, but it’s free so we can’t really complain.

I can now say I’ve climbed Dune du Pilat, Europe’s highest sand dune. I never knew there was such a thing, but Lisa did. It was a tough climb, 2 steps forward, 1 step back. But a fun descent!


Dune du Pilat


Finally, it’s not been all play, there’s been jobs to do and some frustration. Technology has been frustrating. I decided to leave my trusty MacBook at home and bring a cheap tablet with me. I’m now regretting that decision after spending many frustrating hours trying to work out why our SD cards keep being ‘not recognised’ or ‘unexpectedly removed’. There was also the issue of some water leaking from the toilet after a shower. This was more worrying, especially if it were to continue. I eventually traced the source back to a joint underneath a tap and have (hopefully) managed to fix it.


Those little dramas behind us we are now looking forward to reaching Spain this week. We love France, but Spain is warmer!


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