Ubeda & Baeza

On Tuesday we spent the day at the campsite, and with no walking or cycling it felt like we were finally going to have a proper day off to relax. Then I discovered there was a mountain of washing to do, that’s hand washing, and so any thoughts of taking a break went out the window! The chemicals in the washing powder must have got to me as I then decided to wash the motorhome. It was getting a bit grubby now we’d clocked up a few miles. Meanwhile Lisa did a great job cleaning inside, nothing to do with the chemicals, she’s just a tidy freak! Those jobs done we could relax for the rest of the afternoon and were able to leave early the following day for our next stop, Ubeda.



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A Tunnel and a Lake

On Monday we decided it would be our last day in El Berro and we should do another walk, but nothing as strenuous as Saturday’s hike. We picked a 5.5 mile loop past the next village, Gebas. It was another sunny day, temperatures in the low 20’s and great views again, paticularly looking back at El Berro. We picked thyme and rosemary (it grows wild everywhere!) and half way around the walk found a large boulder to perch on and have lunch.


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End of the First Week

I cant believe we’ve been in France for a week already. Usually at this point in a holiday it would be time to think about turning around and heading back towards home, I’m so glad we don’t have to, our wheels are our home.

We’ve crammed a lot in to the last few days. Lots of cycling. We both love cycling but haven’t done very much over the last year so it’s been great to get on the bikes; we’ve already clocked up 80 miles so far. Most of the cycling has been on paths, but when on the roads it was never too busy. We’ve also cycled through some forest tracks, the ones around Biscarrosse and Messanges being particularly fun, especially when the soil turned to deep sand!

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